August 30, 2004

Liberty Science Center Interns Deliver Final Presentations

Bao Nguyen Presents at Liberty Science CenterPatrick Farrelly Presents at Liberty Science Center

On Wednesday August 11, the RCNJ interns who worked at Liberty Science Center (LSC) this summer held their closing reception. This reception in Jersey City, NJ was attended by approximately 15 people, including RCNJ Vice President John Cloninger '96, RCNJ chairman Ken DeGhetto '50, RCNJ Treasurer Phil Lurie '74, RCNJ member Henry Rosenblatt '54 and several LSC staff members including Deborah Steiner and LSC President Emlyn Koster.

One of the interns, Bao Nguyen, did a project on recombinant DNA. The other intern, Patrick Farrelly, presented his findings on why the World Trade Center collapsed. Patrick's father and brother are Rensselaer graduates. Both interns also participated in a microgravity experiment with Dickinson High School in Jersey City. NASA was also a collaborator on this experiment. With their participation in the LSC/RPI internship program, Nguyen and Farrelly were able to understand the workings of an interactive science museum.

Through fundraising and dues, the RCNJ has been able to support this internship program since 1993. The Liberty Science Center opened in January, 1993 and has been visited by over nine million guests. This makes it one of the most popular tourist and educational destinations in the metropolitan New York area.

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October 14, 2000

LSC Internship 2001 Sponsorship Brochure

Here is the Rensselaer / Liberty Science Center Internship Program Brochure for 2001. The purpose of this document is to support requests for funding from corporations and non-profit organizations. It is also useful because it provides a brief overview of the Internship Program, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and the Liberty Science Center.

If you would like to help fund the Internship Program for the Summer of 2001, please contact Phil Lurie or Dave Aiello.

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September 24, 2000

Liberty Science Center Interns Make Permanent Impact

Ken DeGhetto provided a copy of the letter that he received from Deborah Steiner, Director of Guest Services and Training at the Liberty Science Center. The letter describes the value that the Liberty Science Center and its guests derived from the work done by the Rensselaer interns who worked at the Science Center this summer.

Ms. Steiner writes, "This year's students have left behind projects of great value. Their works range from a prenatal imaging guide, to an exhibit used to teach our guests the skill and dexterity required if one wishes to become a successful surgeon.... Over the years, the internship program has provided a valuable experience for both staff and students. We look forward to this continued relationship...."

The Liberty Science Center Internship Program is one of the largest, longest running, and most successful programs of the Rensselaer Club of New Jersey. This summer, the Internship Program completed its seventh consecutive year of operation.

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