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How Do I Join the RCNJ Mailing List?

Whether you are a long time member of the RCNJ Mailing List or someone looking to join the Mailing List for the first time, you must follow a new procedure to receive regular e-mail from us.

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For over three years, I have been building an e-mail list for the RCNJ by hand. By this I mean that I would receive individual messages from people that said, "Would you please add me to the RCNJ Mailing List?" and accumlated the e-mail addresses on my e-mail client. Then, whenever we updated our Web Site, which was no more than once a month, I would summarize whatever the changes were and send out that summary as an e-mail message to the hundreds of people on the mailing list.

As you can imagine, this is both time consuming and error prone. So, we are attempting to improve the situation by automating the mailing list using a new feature of the RCNJ Web Site.

Join the Web Site and Receive Daily or Weekly E-mail Messages

Our new Web Site architecture allows you to:
  1. register as a user of the Web Site, and
  2. elect to receive story headlines automatically from the Web Site on a daily or weekly basis.
You will only receive an e-mail message if there is new information posted to the Web Site during the time period in question. So, particularly if you elect to receive the weekly headlines, the number of e-mails that you will receive is small, but you will still be able to stay up to date with what is happening at rcnj.org.

How to Register as a User of rcnj.org

The user registration process is simple. From any page on the Web Site, click the link marked user account. See the example below:

click on user_account

A new Web Page will be displayed. About half way down the page, fill out the section called "New User". This section asks for the following information:

  1. a user name that you choose
    Feel free to choose a user name that reflects your personality, but please don't choose a user name that contains a profanity and any other word that does not reflect well on you or the RCNJ. Also, don't put any spaces or special characters in your user name.
  2. a valid e-mail address where the Web Site can send you mail
    The Web Site is going to respond right away by sending you a password. So, enter an address here that you can access quickly. As you know, this e-mail address will not be used for SPAM.
This is what it looks like:

fill in the New User area

Once you are done typing your user name and e-mail address, click the newuser button.

Almost instantly, you will be sent an e-mail message that looks like this:

The user name 'amos' on http://www.rcnj.org has this email address
associated with it.  A web user from TCP/IP address has
just requested that amos's password be sent as a reminder.  The password is 'WhateverItIs'.

Login to RCNJ

In order to login with this password, visit http://www.rcnj.org/cgi-bin/users.pl
and enter your user name and password.

Stay Up To Date

To get RCNJ Headlines mailed to you periodically at 3:00am Eastern
Time, visit http://www.rcnj.org/cgi-bin/users.pl?op=edituser and set the 'RCNJ Headlines'
option to 'Email Headlines Each Night' or 'Email Headlines Once Per Week'.
You must already be logged into your user account in order for this to work.


If you have any further questions, you should send an e-mail to webmaster@rcnj.org.

Rensselaer Club of New Jersey

Logging Into rcnj.org

Once you have received the password, you must go back to the Users page and login. Type your User Name and new Password into the fields below the "Login" title bar. Once you have done this, click userlogin.

Modify Your Preferences

Next click the Preferences link on the User Menubar.

click on the Preferences link

Find the area of the Preferences screen marked "RCNJ Mailing List {this will send you mail}". Join one of the mailing lists by choosing either "Email Headlines Each Night" or "Email Headlines Once Per Week" from the pop-up menu.

choose mailing list to join

Finally, once all of this is done, click saveuser near the bottom of the Web Page.


This completes the process of joining the RCNJ Web Site and subscribing yourself to one of the RCNJ Mailing Lists.

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