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New Jersey Phonathon Raises $30,470

On Monday, $30,470 was raised for Rensselaer at the annual New Jersey Phonathon. To be consistant with our report on the New York City Phonathon, this is the amount raised before any potential corporate match. When corporate match is included, the amount raised jumps to $40,205.

Dave Aiello, co-chairman of the Phonathon said, "Many of you may recall that we raised significantly more than $40,000 in 1999. Undoubtedly, the problem this year was a reduced number of volunteers. We began the process of determining what actions to take in response by brainstorming with our fellow alumni at the Phonathon. We will use this Web Site to communicate Phonathon improvement ideas to the entire Club in the near future."

"I want to thank the people involved in this year's Phonathon. They did an excellent job in spite of the obstacles to success. We are confident that we can do better next year. We welcome any assistance from other RCNJ members, as well as suggestions for how to improve the event."

Read on for a complete list of the Phonathon participants....

Alumni participating in the New Jersey Phonathon:

  • John Zoeller '62
  • Henry Scheuer '69
  • Ed Gruber '59
  • John Cloninger '96
  • Gerald Hulit '54
  • Phil Lurie '74
  • Sandeep Nandy '94, co-chairman
  • Dave Aiello '89, co-chairman

Langan Engineering Facilities provided by:

  • George Derrick '67

Rensselaer staff members in attendance:

  • Kate Potvin
  • Don Bielecki

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