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RCNJ Spring Dinner Meeting Features Bud Peterson

Spring Dinner Head TableDave Aiello wrote, "Last night, the RCNJ held its annual Spring Dinner Meeting. Rensselaer's new Provost, Dr. G.P. "Bud" Peterson, discussed the progress that has been made in the first year of the Rensselaer Plan."

"This picture shows most of the people who sat at the head table. Clockwise from the lower left: Val Peterson, Dave Aiello '89, Ken DeGhetto '50, Bud Peterson, Phil Lurie '74, and Helen DeGhetto. Betty Lurie '75 is not pictured here."

"Read on for more pictures and descriptions of the event...."

Dave Aiello continued:

In his presentation, Dr. Peterson said that Ken DeGhetto suggested his topic: The Rensselaer Plan: One Year Later. His presentation was, in a way, a continuation of a presentation that President Shirley Ann Jackson gave to the RCNJ last year. Dr. Peterson focused on the differences between traditional annual planning process and the new process that was instituted to implement the Rensselaer Plan. He also explained the top-down approach that was used to drive the changes through to the school and the department level.

This is a picture of Howard Deutsch '69 and Don Bielecki, from Rensselaer's Development Office.

Howard is the president of Quantisoft, a company based in Northern New Jersey. Don has worked closely with the leaders of the RCNJ for many years, and attends many of our local events.

Howard Deutsch and Don Bielecki
This is Ken DeGhetto and his wife Helen.

Ken told a story about what it was like to come home from World War II, and to attend Rensselaer under the G.I. Bill. He and Helen were married at the time Ken attended RPI.

Ken and Helen DeGhetto
Here is a picture of Sandeep Nandy '94 and Bud Peterson.

Sandeep works for Verizon in New York City. About this event, Sandeep said, "The evening gave the guests an opportunity to learn more about Bud Peterson. Dr. Peterson was very friendly, open to questions, and made a wonderful attempt to personally get to know the attendees..."

Sandeep Nandy and Bud Peterson
This is a family photo. From the left: Tim Derrick '99, Marge Derrick, and George Derrick '67.

George works for Langan Engineering and hosts the RCNJ Phonathon each Fall.

The Derricks
Here is a picture of Audrey Underhill and me.

Audrey is Ken DeGhetto's administrative assistant, and provides a great deal of support to the RCNJ Leadership Committee.

Audrey Underhill and Dave Aiello
This is a picture of Bud Peterson, me, and Dave Bressen '56.

Dave Bressen is a member of the RCNJ Leadership Committee, and he is responsible for designing the mailing for the RCNJ Annual Dues Request and the advertisement that appears in the Poly for the Rensselaer - Liberty Science Center Internship Program.

In case you are wondering, they are tall, I am not particularly short.

Peterson, Aiello, and Bressen
This is a picture of Henry Rosenblatt '54 and his wife, Yolanda.

Henry is also a member of the RCNJ Leadership Committee.


Note: The original photos were 640 x 480 pixels and were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 950. The images were cropped to eliminate excessive background and scaled to a consistant width of 240 pixels. If anyone wants a copy of any or all of the full-sized images, please email me: dave_aiello@ctdata.com.

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