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What is the Life in New Jersey section of RCNJ.org?

Dave Aiello wrote, "At the beginning of March, I received a letter from Bethany Beaudoin and Susan Haight which asked the Rensselaer Club of New Jersey to send a representative to Troy during Senior Week to attend a Regional Open House. The idea of this program is to provide answers to any questions that Graduating Seniors have about living and working in the communities to which they are moving."

"The RCNJ Leadership Committee discussed this at its last meeting and agreed that we would send a representative to the Regional Open House, but we would also publish as much information about living in New Jersey as we could to our own Web Site. This is the idea behind the Living in New Jersey section of RCNJ.org."

"I am sure that RCNJ Member involvement will be critical in the successful development of the Living in New Jersey section. So, if you have a suggestion of information that should be included, please use the Submit Story form to send it to us."

Dave Aiello continued, "I am including a copy of the text of the letter from RPI, to give everyone an idea of what Alumni Relations thinks Graduating Seniors need to know about the area to which they relocate. We may want to use these ideas as reference points in developing this section of our Web Site. Read on if you are interested."

Bethany Beaudoin and Susan Haight wrote:

March 2, 2001

Dear Chapter Leaders:

On Monday, May 7, 2001, from 4:30--6:30 p.m., Rensselaer will be hosting a Regional Open House for graduating seniors in an effort to assist them in making a smooth transition to life after college.

We encourage each one of you to attend or to invite a member of your chapter to be part of this day. Your role will be to welcom graduating students to your area and provide some of the information the need for a successful relocation.

In addition to chapter representatives, there will also be campus representatives from Graduate Admissions, Professional and Distance Education, and other helpful departments. After the open house, chapter reps are invited to be our guests for dinner and networking.

Over 200 students attended last year's Regional Open House and have attested to the success of the event. "The Regional Open House was a wonderful opportunity for me to find information about the area to which I was relocating. Everything from maps to brochures was made available to answer my questions," said Anne Marie Albini '00, who attended last year's event as a senior.

Please use the enclosed form to indicate your interest in volunteering for this event. Or, if you prefer, please send us an email to confirm your attendance. If you are unable to attend this event, please contact other chapter members as to their availability on May 7. Wherever possible, we hope that representatives will be able to tie this event into their business travel.

We would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Thank you in advance for your help in making this important transition for students become a reality.


Bethany L. Beaudoin


Chapter Programs

Susan Haight

Associate Director

Alumni Relations- Student/Young Alumni Programs

Regional Open House Response Form

May 7, 2001

4:30 - 6:30 PM

  • Name:

  • Class Year:

  • Address:

  • Phone:

  • E-mail:

(_____) Yes, I will be able to attend the Regional Open House on May 7, 2001 at the Rensselaer Campus.

(_____) No, I will not be able to attend the Regional Open House on May 7, 2001 at the Rensselaer Campus but I have arranged for another chapter steering committee member to attend.

  • Committee member attending:

(_____) No chapter representative will be available for the Regional Open House on May 7, 2001 at the Rensselaer Campus.

Suggested Items to Bring to Regional Open House:

(This list is a guideline for the type of information that is needed. You do not need to include all the information suggested. Please feel free to bring information not listed.)

  • Chapter information

    • upcoming events
    • contact information
    • web page address

  • Apartment listings

    • Sunday paper
    • free rental books usually available at supermarkets
    • realtor listings

  • Recent Sunday papers

    • classifieds
    • entertainment sections

  • Utilities Listing

    • phone company
    • electric/gas company

  • Local web site addresses

  • Professional listings

    • doctor
    • dentists

  • Personal recommendations--your favorite

    • supermarket
    • bookstore
    • restaurant
    • cafes
    • coffee shops
    • clubs
    • gym
    • hairdresser
    • stores
    • Saturday night spot
    • Sunday morning brunch
    • mechanic
    • parks
    • day trips
    • beaches
    • hiking/biking trails

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