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New Jersey Newspaper and TV-Related Web Sites

In the last few years, a couple of consortia of newspapers in New Jersey have put together excellent Web Sites that focus exclusively on New Jersey. Recently, a couple of broadcast television and cable systems have jumped into the fray as well. All of these sites provide local and statewide news and information in greater depth than has been available previously.

Read on for a list of the most useful....

By far the largest site in this category is NJ.com, also known as New Jersey Online. The news for this Web Site is drawn from:

  • The Star-Ledger, the largest newspaper in New Jersey
  • The Jersey Journal, based in Jersey City
  • The Express-Times, actually located in Easton, PA, right over the border from Northwest New Jersey
  • The Gloucester Times, from Woodbury, near Philadelphia
  • The Bridgeton News, from a small city from Salem County, near Delaware
  • Today's Sunbeam, from Salem, also near Delaware

The Gannett Newspapers in New Jersey have a competing offering, InJersey.com. The papers involved in this Web Site place information on InJersey.com, but also have information on their own Web Sites. The papers involved are:

Packet Online, an excellent Web Site about the Princeton area, is located at www.pacpub.com. The flagship newspaper on this site is The Princeton Packet a bi-weekly which has been published since 1786. The other papers involved are small local papers that are mostly weekly publications, including:

  • The Beacon
  • The Cranbury Press
  • Hillsborough Beacon
  • Hopewell Valley News
  • The Lawrence Ledger
  • The Manville News
  • The Messenger-Press
  • Register-News
  • South Brunswick Post
  • Windsor-Heights Herald

SouthJersey.com is not produced by newspapers. It is produced by GPI Media and WPVI TV (Channel 6 in Philadelphia). It has good local information, including entertainment and dining. It also has a lot of information about the "Jersey Shore", the Atlantic coast area of the State.

In the Cablevision territories (most of the northern part of NJ), a channel called News 12 provides local and regional news and information. However, their Web Site is as available to everyone throughout the state. They have a pretty good Web Site, but they focus on streaming video and their cross-platform support (i.e. support for non-Microsoft products) seems to be limited.

Comcast (the cable company in most of the southern part of New Jersey) has a TV station called CN8. Their Web Site is less useful than News 12 and has very little news and local information.

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