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RCNJ Members Recognized for Service to Rensselaer

Dave Aiello wrote, "Last week, Bethany Beaudoin asked me to provide a list of RCNJ Members who have served Rensselaer voluntarily. I produced a list of volunteers for non-admissions-related activities. Joe Pilaro '55 produced a separate list of volunteers who supported Undergraduate Admissions."

"We are very interested in including more alumni on these list. So, if you know of someone who has worked on behalf of Rensselaer during the 2000-2001 academic year, please send me an email."

Read on for the list of volunteers...

List of Alumni Voluteers for Non-Admissions Related Activities During the 2000-2001 Academic Year

  • RCNJ Leadership Committee

    • Ken DeGhetto '50, Chairman of the RCNJ Leadership Committee
    • Dave Aiello '89, President of the RCNJ
    • Dave Bressen '56
    • John Cloninger '96
    • Howard Deutsch '69
    • Howard Isermann '42
    • John Kiesewetter '52
    • Phil Lurie '74, Treasurer of the RCNJ
    • Robert Mauriello '91, Past President of the RCNJ
    • Joe Morein '59
    • Sandeep Nandy '94
    • Joe Pilaro '55, Regional Manager, Undergraduate Admissions Volunteers
    • David Plaut '64
    • Henry Rosenblatt '54
    • Dick Shive '54
    • Dean Wellington '83

  • Phonathon Volunteers

    • George Derrick '67, host of the New Jersey Phonathon at his offices
    • John Zoeller '62
    • Henry Scheuer '69, also co-organizer of RPI-Princeton hockey
    • Ed Gruber '59, Phonathon volunteer

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