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NJ Phonathon 2001 Raises $45,830

In a letter to the participants in the New Jersey Phonathon John Zoeller wrote, "On behalf of Sandeep {Nandy} and myself I want to thank you for volunteering for the New Jersey Phonathon. Through your efforts we made a significant contribution to RPI's Phonathon fundraising. In fact we raised almost $15,000 more than last year."

When you look back at our performance last year, you realize what an achievement this is. In spite of the difficulties that we have all faced over the past few weeks, we turned out twice as many volunteers and raised 50 percent more money for Rensselaer than last year. Congratulations to John Zoeller, Sandeep Nandy, and the rest of the participants, for a job well done.

Read on for a complete list of 2001 Phonathon participants and statistics....

Alumni participating in the 2001 NJ Phonathon:

  • John Zoeller '62, Co-Chair
  • Sandeep Nandy '94, Co-Chair
  • Dave Aiello '89
  • John Cloninger '96
  • Ken DeGhetto '50
  • Ed Gruber '63
  • Gerald Hulit '54
  • Paul Low '76
  • Phil Lurie '74
  • Joe Pilaro '55
  • Henry Scheuer '62

Langan Engineering Facilities provided by:

  • George Derrick '67

Rensselaer staff members in attendance:

  • Don Bielecki

Phonathon achievements:

  • Pledges: $45,830
  • Corporate Match: $14,575
  • Recaptured Donors: 4

  • Top Fundraiser: $10,670, Henry Scheuer '69
  • Greatest Number of Pledges: 40, Henry Scheuer '69
  • Most Corporate Match: $3,125, Henry Scheuer '69
  • Most Recaptured Donors: 2, Joe Pilaro '55

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