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NJ Fall College Fairs: Wrap-up

Joe Pilaro writes, "A spirited discussion ensued at the NJ Admissions Volunteers' 'Wrap-up' dinner on Monday, December 10 for those RCNJ members who attended Fall 2001 fairs. Although we didn't solve the problems of the world, our meeting resulted in some worthwhile comments, which follow, and a request for more information from RPI Admissions."

Joe Pilaro continued:

The group has the impression that Admissions accepts any and all invitations received from schools in New Jersey. Some of the schools on our list this year were not up to the "quality" that would meet the goals set out by RPI Admissions. On the other hand, we believe that we miss out on some very good schools for various reasons. Some of us would like to have more input concerning the College Fairs on the NJ list. As a start, we believe that we, or Campus Reps, should visit all schools that award the Rensselaer Medal. The Volunteers will support this program in any way you see fit.

Further, the group welcomes the general information provided by Admissions at the start of each season but we are interested in obtaining more information about specific results of the College Fair program. We will ask if it be possible for Admissions to provide some historic information for each school when the requests for Volunteer coverage is made.

It would be helpful for the Volunteers to know, for each "key" or "target" school at the College Fair, how many applications were made to RPI, how many applicants were given an offer to attend and how many students actually did accept in, say, the last three to five years. This sort of information would be helpful in talking to prospective applicants about any relationship that exists between RPI and the prospect's school or community.

Finally, a Merry Christmas to {all of} you from your Rensselaer Club of New Jersey Volunteers who all look forward to doing our part in the Spring and Fall of 2002. We continue to seek additional Volunteers so that our help to RPI Admissions can expand in future years. Send me your e-mail address and I will include you in the distribution of the Spring College Fairs list.

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