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Notes from January 8 NYC Chapter Meeting

Dave Aiello wrote, "Mike Torre '91 sent me an email summarizing a meeting that the New York City Chapter of the RAA held on Tuesday, January 8. The New York City Chapter has done a lot to increase new volunteer involvement in their chapter event planning process, and they have always welcomed involvement of RCNJ members as organizers or participants in their events. So, I think it's important that the minutes of their meeting receive the broadest attention possible."

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Mike Torre '91 wrote:

Hi Everyone,

This is a quick summary of the results of this past Tuesdays chapter meeting. The list of attendees is at the bottom, Thanks again for the Record Turnout!

  • There are 2 upcoming REN events.

    • In NY there is one Feb 7th at NYAC

      • Bob Forman/John Chase could you send me the info on this so I can relay to this group?

    • In NJ there is one planned some time in March

      • Howard Deutsch when your event in final, send me the info, so I can include in NY Newsletter

  • Various attendees have volunteered to investigate different proposed events for the Spring or later

    • Rebecca Atkin - RPI Day at Brooklyn Museum or the Met (April or May 02)
    • Elyse Johnson - Ski Trip (Winter 03) and Wine Tasting (Spring, Summer or Fall 02)
    • Sharon Berger - Bowling Night (Spring, Summer or Fall 02)
    • Carlos Anton - Pub night, NoIdea, McFadens (April or May 02)
    • Andy Woo - Baseball Game w/ incoming freshmen (coordinate with admissions to see if there is interest in reviving this annual event) (June 02)
    • Ray Weisner - Tiffany tour similar to the one a few years back(Spring, Summer or Fall 02)

  • Mark Ameres will continue to work with RAA staff on improving the NYC Chapter Website and he has volunteered to become the chapter Volunteer Coordinator
  • Jackie Baker - We need 2 thing from your group, first when should the next newsletter be going out? We were thinking some time in March. Next, could someone do a search to see if any RPI alums working at either the Brooklyn Museum of Art or the Metropolitan Museum of Art and relay this to Rebecca and Me. Thanks
  • Finally for your records Jackie, the attendees are as follows,

    Henry Scheuer '69, Ray Weisner '75, Mike Torre '91, Elyse Johnson '98, Andy Woo '00, Sharon Berger '99, Rebecca Atkin '97, Hector Enriquez '00, Carlos Anton-Khury '99, Tom Payne '86 and Mark Ameres '87

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