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Roberto: Writing the DynamoBuzz Weblog

Dave Aiello wrote, "Roberto is the second alumnus in the RCNJ area that we've discovered running a weblog. His site, DynamoBuzz describes itself as 'A weblog about computing, beer, New Jersey, politics, web design, current events, more beer.'"

"If you are wondering what a weblog is, it's a web site where the author 'logs' all the other webpages he finds interesting. The term was coined by Jorn Barger on his Robot Wisdom web site. Two of the keys to operating a successful weblog are to update it often and emphasize current events. Roberto is succeeding on both counts."

"Roberto and I have exchanged emails a few times over the past week. I asked him to describe himself a bit, and this is what he told me:"

I'm Roberto, class of 1983 (oh my, that's 20 years ago!). I was a chemical engineering major. I am currently a production superintendant at a chemical company in Central New Jersey. I'm living in Middlesex County, and I've been married 16 years with two children. I was a brother at Pi Lambda Phi. I played intramural hockey at RPI for the 69ers, we were D League champs in 1980-1981. I still play hockey at Mennen Arena every Sunday night. I played Hockey North America for a long time, but I haven't played the last two years. Traveling up to Hackensack every week for 11:00pm week day games was getting to me.

I started getting into blogging about 6 months ago. I started following some of the bigger blogs, like Instapundit and "Live from the WTC". I did some research and decided to get my own web space and install B2 blogging software. I'm trying to keep the content 1/3 politics, 1/3 New Jersey stuff and 1/3 everything else. I've gotten some good feedback. I got on the blogroll at www.greatestjeneration.com after only being on-line for about 10 days.

Dave Aiello continued, "Roberto has an interesting site that's worth looking at from time to time. I recommend that you visit DynamoBuzz, and let him know you heard about it from the RCNJ."

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