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Biochemistry Constellation Includes Lots of Smaller Stars

In February, we reported that Robert Linhardt was recruited to lead a constellation in biochemistry. Today, The Times Union reports on the surprisingly large number of students and junior faculty who will be joining him in the move. According to the article:

As many as 14 students, post-doctoral researchers and assistant professors will follow the 50-year-old scientist when he migrates from the nation's heartland {University of Iowa} to Troy. That RPI was willing to make room for so many people shows how far the school is willing to go to recruit top-notch talent....

{The} team won't cost RPI as much as one might think. While the school is paying for moving costs and some salaries, much of the staff is funded through $1 million worth of grants Linhardt has received, mostly from the National Institutes of Health. He's expected to earn more once he's in New York. The New York State Office of Science, Technology and Academic Research is already interested in his work, said Executive Director Russell Bessette.

Explanations of constellations by RPI administrators have focused on the effort to recruit new, high-level faculty such as Dr. Linhardt himself. But, it hasn't always been clear that the constellation chairs would bring significant entourages with them from their previous institutions. Undoubtedly, this will strengthen the Rensselaer community.

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