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Vote on NCAA Proposition 65 Scheduled for Monday, January 12

This is a reminder that the NCAA Convention is underway at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. During Monday's Division III Business Session, votes will be taken on many propositions meant to reform intercollegiate competition.

One of these proposals, NCAA Proposition 65, will revoke the waiver that eight Division III schools including Rensselaer enjoy to grant scholarships in one Division I sport in which they compete.

RPI alumnus Jayson Moy published an article on Friday on USCHO.com detailing the history of Proposition 65 and the solid work that the eight affected schools have done to lobby their fellow member schools. According to the article:

So the eight schools pounded the pavement. Hiring a public relations firm, setting up an information web site, handing out impressive brochures, making personal calls and e-mails, from athletic director to athletic director, and president to president.

It's good to hear that the general manager of the largest college hockey website in the country characterizes the efforts of the affected schools as "impressive". Four of the eight schools that would be affected by Proposition 65 are "playing up" to Division I in ice hockey. This makes hockey the single most affected sport.

Arguably, the members of the RCNJ have done all we can do. Many of us signed hockey sticks in support of our men's hockey team. These sticks were presented to President Shirley Jackson when she spoke to the RCNJ in October. Men's Hockey Head Coach Dan Fridgen later thanked us for our support.

Even more of us wrote letters and emails to Myles Brand '64, President of the NCAA, asking him to intervene in the process on behalf of RPI and similarly situated schools. However, the governance structure of the NCAA dictates that he plays a larger role in rule enforcement than rule establishment.

Now, we will have to wait to see how the vote comes out. We should know the results sometime tomorrow afternoon. We will update RCNJ.org when we receive the results of the vote.

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