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Notes from Aiello's Presentation at RCNJ Fall Dinner

Dave Aiello wrote, "Last night, I gave the closing remarks at the RCNJ Fall Dinner which took place at the Grand Summit Hotel in Summit. In the interest of making my goals for the Rensselaer Club of New Jersey accessible to our members who could not attend, here is a transcription of the notes from which I spoke."

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Dave Aiello spoke from these notes at Grand Summit Hotel on November 21, 2001. He followed at the podium the keynote speaker for the evening, David Haviland '64, Rensselaer's Vice President for Institutional Advancement.

Thank you. I'd like to thank David Haviland for giving an excellent presentation this evening on the Rensselaer Plan.

Self introduction.

For a number of years, the Rensselaer Club of New Jersey has focused primarily on outreach to prospective students. Examples:

  • RPI / Liberty Science Center Internship Program
  • Rensselaer Medal Reception, recently at LSC
  • Science / Math Educators In-Service Day

What's next? Focus on Alumni Outreach. Examples:

  • Regional development of the RCNJ

    • RCNJ serves all of New Jersey
    • Princeton area
    • Toms River area
    • Atlantic City area

  • Integration with other regional alumni chapters

    • New York City
    • Westchester / Rockland
    • Delaware Valley, under redevelopment
    • help these groups to leverage our infrastructure

  • Greater electronic outreach
  • Greater outreach by US Mail
  • Run an Election for a new set of officers in June

What can you do?

  • Pay your dues (show dues card and membership card)
  • Come to our events
  • Participate in the Phonathon (mention Sandeep Nandy and John Zoeller)
  • Participate in College Fairs (mention Joe Pilaro)
  • Read our Web Site
  • Create a user account for yourself and subscribe to the story headline mailer
  • Submit your news to our Web Site (introduce Kathleen, mention wedding as an example of Alumni News)

Thank David Haviland. Thank Dave Bohan and Alumni Relations staff. Thank members for attending.

Reminder of next RCNJ event. Happy Thanksgiving.

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